Policy for Review

The Structure of a Review

A true book review should take careful consideration about the book's style, structure, content, and merit.  It should speak to these values and not simply stand as a recommendation or summary.  We strive to always write a thorough and thoughtful review while remaining fair and true.  Our reviews will include the image of the front cover, our personal thoughts, direct quotes from the work, a thorough review and a numerical rating.

We review nearly all genres of literature and in nearly every format.  Those genres we do not review, however, are those that are based in hate-speech and we do not review audiobooks.  All other genres and formats will be accepted as per reviewer preference.

Rating System

A numerical system exists to give our readers a quantitative output to quickly showcase the merit, content, structure, and style of the material in question.  Our rating system is as discussed below.

1.  A rating of one (1) represents a text that was poorly put together, it's content was not substantive, and it severely lacked style.  This is a book that contains countless errors, is filled with hate speech, or many plot holes. Alternatively, a rating of one means that the reviewer was unable to finish the material for whatever reason.  

2.  A rating of two (2) represents a text that was poorly put together, it's content was lacking, and there was some semblance of continuous style.  This is a book that contains many errors, but can be corrected with revision.  This rating may also be telling of a book that has promise, but requires more detail and revision.

3.  A rating of three (3) represents a text of average style, structure, and content.  There are a few errors, but these errors don't interfere with the book as a whole.  This is your average, run of the mill text.  A majority of texts will fall into this category.

4.  A rating of four (4) represents a text of above average style, structure, and content.  There may be a couple of errors, but these errors don't interfere with the book as a whole.  This is a book whose characters are profound, that has a theme that touches close to home, and/or a plot that is too riveting to put down.

5.  A rating of five (5) represents a text of excellent quality, style, structure, and content.  There are no errors contained with the text.  Texts of this caliber usually have the ability to touch someone deeply, possibly change their lives.  Characters in texts of this rating feel almost real and the plot has the reader flipping page after page in anticipation of what is to come to the beloved characters.  


When submitting a request for a review with Between the Lines you are asking for the reviewer's honest opinion, be it positive or negative.  Our reviewers always strive to write reviews with honesty and integrity in order to offer constructive criticism for the author and to offer insight into a novel for an inquiring reader.

A submission of material, even if accepted, does not guarantee that it will be reviewed nor may the material be returned.

Unfavorable Reviews

If the material reviewed receives an unfavorable review it will not be removed from the site.  Those reviews that will be pulled are those that contain foul language or do not fulfill the Policy for Review. Between the Lines Review seeks to offer constructive criticism so if an unfavorable review it stands that it is the honest opinion of the reviewer.

A Note on Series

As stated above we attempt to review different types of literature, but if a request for review comes to us and the work is in media res a series it may delay review if the reviewer has not covered the prior texts.  Unless otherwise stated, it would be preferable to review an entire series instead of having an interrupted collection.  If the book you would like reviewed is part of a series, it would be best to provide the reviewer with a copy of all parts of the series. The series will then be reviewed as collection.  This stands to provide the author a more unbiased review.

A Note on Time Frame for Submission Review

Of course we strive to complete a review in a timely and efficient manner, but due to personal reading and writing preferences we offer no guarantee of a timeline to finish a review.  We will of course make exceptions based on publishing needs and individual agreements.  The specifics of a review will be made on a case by case basis between reviewer and author/publisher.


It should be assumed that most materials were acquired by Between the Lines Reviews reviewers unless otherwise specified.  Any materials received for review by Between the Lines Reviews were sent for free by the author, publisher, or third party to the reviewer as a review copy.  Reviewers are under no pressure to return materials sent to be reviewed.  The entity providing review materials will be given the opportunity to have links to their website attached to the appropriate reviews.  Between the Lines Reviews will under no certain circumstances accept payment for reviews or product endorsements.  

All original content posted for Between the Lines Review is copyrighted and owned by the reviewer. Reviewer must follow the code of conduct expressed at time of joining Between the Lines Review. Permission to use any content on this website will only be granted after written approval by the reviewer.  Permission to post our content in any form and charge is expressly forbidden.